The Organization

Horn Development Agency abbreviated hereinafter as “HDA” or “HornDA” is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization initiated in October 2009 to help spearhead communities and societies driven development initiatives and enable needy groups in the horn participate in integrated activities to achieve resilient societies and HDA delivers its activities through the power and spirit of participatory approach to build sustainable communities and intercultural exchange and thriving villages in our country.

 Our main purpose is promote youth employment and information exchange among societies and youth in particular and focusing all burning issues in the in the horn including environment, gender issues, peace, livelihood, unemployment, health, wash, education, displacement  & influx and protection through fundraising from governments and states in the horn a (voluntary work-camps, short and long term volunteering) youth mobility, social inclusion, sports and physical activities, community development, promotion of peace among our diverse communities, understanding and unity of purpose.

HDA provides services in entrepreneurship and development, information technology trainings and empowerment (ICT), education  health and education in HIV & AIDS management and awareness, malaria and TB awareness and advocacy, rehabilitation of street children, supporting orphans and vulnerable children, deployment of both local and international volunteers/donors to various community projects, community entrepreneurship/ community microfinance trainings and monitoring (Community Savings and loaning) , Capacity Building sessions to youth groups, vocational schools, primary and secondary schools, organic farming and agricultural activities, Eco-Tourism, Environmental education and Management.

HDA harness and develop the power of young people, by effectively involving them in direct implementation of the core activities that develops their skills, enabling them become self-reliance and sustainable people in community service and development. We engage young people in a constructive manner enabling them initiative and build their ideas, develop prototype, test and develop products that meet the people’s needs and help reduce the problems and challenges that most faced in development sector.