TVET program introduction

HornDA aims to improve quality human capital and management of TVET in Puntland by creating a TVET program that is effective, efficient, relevant, flexible, modular, accessible, affordable, accountable, sustainable, and which fulfils its general towards society

TVET Program challenges in Puntland

  • There are gender disparities in some courses. For example, there are very few men trainees pursuing beauty and cookery and few female trainees pursuing engineering courses. 
  • Perception that TVET is for low achievers, discouraging students who excel in primary and secondary schools not pursue TVET courses.
  • There are no clear criteria for admission into TVET programmes, compromising the quality of TVET offered. 
  • The progression pathway does not allow for horizontal and vertical entry into and exit from the TVET system.
  • Weak marketing strategies for promotion of TVET programmes leading to low rating of TVET courses
  • Dependence on traditional approaches to instruction targeting inaccessible groups where ODL approaches would suffice
  • Students in secondary schools have no option of choosing between general and technical education, as there are no technical secondary schools in the country.
  • Secondary school graduates are ill equipped to transit to employment or self-employment in the industry and commerce, as the existing curriculum lacks occupational skills, life skills, soft skills, entrepreneurship, career guidance and child safeguarding.
  • Inadequate and obsolete training resources at the TVET centers.
  • The VQF does include occupational standards and basic competencies.
  • Current TVET curriculum is not standardized and harmonized, and therefore the graduates are not able to meet market demands.
  • The ministry has a weak resource base, hindering its efforts to set up structures for the TVET system.

TVET Program achievements

  • HornDA established CagaaranTVET center in Mudug region and almost 150 beneficiaries are benefiting from this program and taking skills related to electricity, tailoring, beauty salon and
  • HornDAContributed TVET strategy for TVET high level skills in Puntland
  • HornDAConducted linkages efforts between TVET graduates and business enterprises
  • HornDA Conducted awareness on secondary graduates’ awareness.

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